Supply Chain Management Includes:-

Order Management

order-mgmntWe have well defined Workflow and Operating procedures which guarantees hassle free Order Management. We keep you posted with all the details regarding the products including quantity, date of arrival and other logistics information. We ensure that inventory is made available to your customers within the committed delivery time irrespective of the volume of the inventory. We offer highly flexible order management services.

Our Order Management Services includes:-

Supporting simple, complex and bulk order workflows
Orders processed in real time to meet customer requirements
Tracking the status of every shipment by email notifications or system
Customer Service support
Well defined Order acknowledgement process.

Inventory Management

Irrespective of whether you are a small sized business or a medium sized business, inventory reconciliation is of paramount importance. By outsourcing this requirement to us you will be able to identify fixed assets, increase inventory accuracy, inventory management and reconciliation. We enable redundant-free, consistent, real-time view on and management of inventory. When you outsource your inventory management requirements to us you will also benefit from suggestions from experts and reports generated by top experts in this field.

Freight Management

Freight planning needs constant innovations and optimization as it is connected to changes in logistics and service provider contribution. Planning of shipment gets directly or indirectly influenced by freight procedures around supply chain. At Maxx Solutions, we have tie ups with multiple local, regional, and national carriers to ensure the best value. We always select the most suitable and cost effective freight solution from a network of specialized providers. We manage them using world-class processes and systems, delivering a freight service that is flexible, reliable, and cost-effective:

Consist of:-

Our standardized process deliver better results faster and at less cost
Our experienced sector teams have the specialist industry expertise you can depend on
Our Operational excellence approach means implementation is quicker and less risky
Your operations are more efficient, flexible and consistent; and you get the right metrics for better management

Shipment Event Tracking and Tracing

We provide assistance from the beginning to the end of shipments. Our shipment event tracking and tracing services will help you keep your logistic costs under control. You can save time on manual checks which will enhance your productivity and increase your ROI.

Benefits of using our Shipment Event Tracking and Tracing Services:-

All the stake holders will be on the same page as far as shipping events are concerned
You will be able to schedule your shipping taking into account all possible delays enhancing your overall planning.
You will be able to compare with the planned vs. actual progress of the shipment
You will get notifications when every milestone is crossed
Email notifications sent to all the stakeholders on important events of shipping

Billing & Invoicing process

We provide timely and accurate reports to ensure that the information sharing takes place seamlessly between your company and your supplier.
At Maxx Solutions we follow a well defined procedure to facilitate billing and invoicing process to facilitate:
Purchase order entries
Bill of Lading processing
Invoicing process